illegal terminating approximately 360000 international minutes daily by ICH member Operator


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) jointly conducted a successful raid on the one of its Long Distance & International (LDI) operators, M/s.Wise Communication (Pvt.) Ltd, located in Satellite Town Rawalpindi after confirming its involvement in illegal international call termination in addition to the authorized arrangement of International Clearing House (ICH). The owner was officer in PTA  during last chairman Pta.

This activity was carried out after thorough investigation and analyzing the traffic pattern terminated on various other operators by the said licensee.  A clear irregularity was observed during the investigation which mainly consisted of adding local numbers instead of international numbers. The raid confirmed this illegal arrangement and also found terminating approximately 360000 international minutes on daily basis according to the initial estimates, causing huge loss to the national exchequer/Government.  FIA is currently carrying out extensive investigation.

This important activity is part of PTA’s commitment to curb the menace of grey traffic in the country and will definitely increase the legal traffic termination in Pakistan resulting in substantial earnings for the national exchequer/Government.


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