PTCL is set to invest another submarine cable

Islamabad (MEDIA) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is set to invest in yet another international submarine cable consortium system in collaboration with leading operators in the region.


This cable will be spanning from Far East to Europe with multiple landing points in Middle East. This will be PTCLs’ fourth submarine cable system encompassing a multimillion dollar investment. With this cable, PTCL will be adding terabits of bandwidth in its international capacity, besides building redundancy to its existing international infrastructure on eastern and western side of the Arabian Sea.

This investment marks the vision of the Company to cater for the growing bandwidth demand of both consumer and corporate segments in the Country for Broadband and data services. The new cable link synergizes with PTCL’s three existing cable consortium systems including SMW3, SMW4 and IMEWE which connect Pakistan with rest of the world.

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