MOITT have refused to help them out Etisalat


Etisalat  has contacted Ministry of IT and Telecom with regard to NAB investigation regarding  the complaint lounge by teleco company. But senior officers of Ministry of information & Telecom  have refused to help them out which shows that there are deepening rifts developing between Etisalat and Government of Pakistan. The main reason underlying this rift is the non payment of 800 million dollars by the company which it owes to the Government of Pakistan. The teleco company filed complaint against PTCL across the limit of spectrum and create ICH which is against privatization  of telecom sector

PTCL Chief Executive and President Waleed Arshad has met with senior officers last day.  CEO PTCL complained about the NAB threats regarding  of  arrests of Senior  officers and company secretary if we don’t become part of investigation.

Waleed said that the investigation should be stopped and NAB should be inhibited from taking serious action against PTCL.

There are allegations against PTCL management that it has not adhered to the rules regarding the alloted spectrum given to it. Apart from it 800 million dollars that PTCL has yet to pay due to the sale and purchase agreement. Senior officers of MOITT has said that NAB is a soverign institution in with whom they don’t want to interfere with.

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