Telecom services to remain closed today on 21 Ramadan


The Government  of Pakistan has ordered through the Ministry of Interior for the telecom services to remain closed today on 21 Ramadan, the day of the Shahadat of Hazrat Ali. Several parts of the country will remain disconnected for 12 hours or more. The closure will start earliest from 3 am and go on up till late at night.

This time the concentration of the closure is Punjab where  all major cities including Rawalpindi (4pm-6am), Lahore (6am-10pm), Gujranwala (3am-1am), Sargodha (2pm-4pm), DG Khan (8am-8pm), Sialkot (730pm-3am) and Jhang (6am-8pm) will suffer the closure.

Some cities, which we could not confirm the names of at this point in time, will see partial closure.

The telecom operators have already received notification for closure of services. It is important to note here that the closure of services  was first seen when the former Minister of Interior, Rahman Malik came up with the idea of blocking telecom services in the country to counter possible terrorist attacks.

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