Telecom authority is facing a deepening financial crisis


Telecom authority is facing a deepening financial crisis. According to one source apart from the salaries of staff utilities, payments and petrol expenditure has also been stopped.  This situation has developed due to the Director General’s lack of action in this regard.  Simultaneously the Telecom Act is also one of the reasons why payments have not been made.

This situation can also be attributed to Director General’s inability to take action since he doesn’t have the mandate. To make matters worse PTA is still without its Chairman and members. The budgeting matters of the authority can be decided by the authority only and not by any other ministry or institution. The issue of salaries is grave but the fact that utilities payments are not being made can result in serious grievances for PTA. Petrol payments on the other hand will inhibit workers to easily come to their offices due to the transport services being suspended.

According to one source of telecom authority, Cabinet division is working to solve the matters for which they have contacted Ministry of Finance who have already refused on helping in this regard. After which the law ministry was contacted who gave recommendation that Cabinet Division should allow Telecom Authority to manage their day to day operations and expenses on ex post facto basis.  It is expected that the solution for this matter will come up in next few days.

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