After APL and Ufone agreement CRS will stand with Zong


After APL and Ufone agreement CRS will stand with Zong causing rift between the two companies on media platform.

After removing CRS as its public relation company, Ufone has now selected an advertising company for the job. This change was anticipated when Amir Pasha was appointed on the post of Public Relation Officer. Soon there were rifts between CRS and Ufone that eventually led to CRS removal as PR agency of the company.  The new company is the APL which has taken over the PR duties of the company.  APL which was previously representing Zong has severed ties with Chinese company and will now solely work with Ufone.

It is quite interesting that at one side APL has left Zong whereas CRS is now trying to fill this opening by applying for the job.  Zong has already advertised for the job previously and is currently looking for a company.  The deadline was exhausted but Zong recently extended the deadline in which CRS has applied.  There is strong speculation that CRS will get the PR duties of Zong. If this is to happen it is expected that Zong and Ufone will experience more aggressive competition on media platform. CRS has always created cordial relations with media and doesn’t play alone. Amir Pasha on the other hand has always worked within a close circle and does not interact with media as openly as CRS does.

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