MOIT May Take Statment Issue Of Ceo Telenor With Norway Embassy


Ministry of Information Technology has seriously considering taking up the issue regarding the statement of CEO Telenor Pakistan through Foreign office and Norwegian Embassy of Pakistan.  This was indicated very a reliable source in MoIT that after seventy two hours there has been no clarification from the office of CEO Telenor Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning that there was a meeting between high powered delegation of Telenor Pakistan and Minister of State, Anusha Rehman Khan in which some officials of the MoIT did point their grievances on the said statement. On which the delegation tried to clarify the position of the company. The delegation was headed by Toray Johnson who happens to be the chairman of Board of Directors of Telenor.  

But this was not adequate for the officials who demanded that the Office of the CEO Telenor Pakistan should come forward to clarify the statement.  Toray Johnson stated that company doesn’t has this policy to interfere in the matters of state and country. He contradicted the statement of the CEO Telenor Pakistan and guaranteed that the policies of the Government will be followed and Telenor will be participating in spectrum auction that is expected to be held in near future.

The senior officer of MoIT told that we are not satisfied of Telenor statement we need clarification from CEO Telenor Pakistan regarding his recent remarks about sales of Kalashnikovs being more easier than selling  mobile sims.  Ministry of Information Technology is seriously considering Ministry of Information Technology is seriously considering taking up the issue with the Norwegian Embassy of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan is giving full support to foreign investment in Pakistan and has ensured that no interference by the state is found within the operations of foreign companies. This warrants the foreign companies to adhere to the rules and policies of the government in return.  And they should also simultaneously offer no interference in government and people matters.

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