Access to global information, on-line has been limited in the past


For many Pakistani’s, access to global information, on-line education and international markets has been limited in the past. This was mainly due to low proliferation of internet and high running cost. These barriers were restricting reach of information to under privileged areas and cities outside the main metropolitan areas where internet penetration was very low.

Considering the vast distances and geographical terrain, no single telecom service provider was able to provide broadband services nation-wide. The challenge was taken-up with the launch of broadband services in 2007.

The impact of this strategic move surpassed all expectations. The companies entry in the broadband market had a positive impact on the high-tariff prevailing at the time. Not only the tariff was rationalized but broadband services were made accessible to areas outside the main cities for the first time. More than 10,000 subscribers were achieved within the first 120 days of the launch.

Private companies  has taken bold steps to innovate and re-invent the broadband ecosystem in the country, believing that information communication technologies have the potential to reduce distances transcends borders and bring people together.

Low literacy rate stands as a towering challenge for Pakistan and broadband internet is one of the tools to overcome this challenge. As  broadband is made accessible to people in remote areas, there has been a major paradigm shift enabling people to reach out to newer international markets, earn livelihood, access e-learning and e-health. It has also changed the traditional brick and mortar business to click and mortar, as more and more people have access to high-speed internet now.

The broadband culture in Pakistan is not only exceptional in terms of the high rate with which it has proliferated but also in terms of the variety and affordability of the services which has attracted the different segments of population, form students and professionals to businessmen.


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