PISA is organizing an International Conference – “Cyber Secure Pakistan 2013


Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) is organizing an International Conference – “Cyber Secure Pakistan 2013” on Saturday.

At Cyber Secure Pakistan ’13, Additional Director General of FIA, Project Director NR3C and Secretary Ministry of IT & Telecom will grace the event with their presence.  We are expecting dignitaries from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Higher Education Commission, Interpol and US Embassy. Senator Syed Mushahid Hussain will be chief guest.

Maarten Van Horenbeeck from Google Inc., Mohd. Zabri Adil from Cyber Security Malaysia, Kevin Cardwell from EC-Council USA, Engineer Badar from Oman Cert will be presenting along with extremely talented speakers of Pakistan.

Cyber Secure Pakistan ’13 will be attended by more than 200 delegates from across the country. The basic purpose and motive behind this seminar is to educate and aware the people of Pakistan against “Hackers and Threats”.


    Maarten Van Horenbeeck – Security Program Manager, Google, Inc

    Mohd. Zabri Adil B Talib – Specialist / Head, Digital Forensics Department of CyberSecurity, Malaysia.

    Dr. Salma Abbasi – Founder, Chairman and CEO, Worldwide Group UK

    Jibran Ilyas – Senior Forensic Investigator, TrustWave

    Dr. Fauzan Mirza – Information Security Researcher

    Badar Khushnood – Google Pakistan Country Consultant, Google Inc.

    Azam M. Mughal – Chief Consultant, SecureBeans

    And many more…

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