Hajj pilgrims processed 2750 Terabytes of internet traffic in 2012

The Hajj being the greatest human gathering in the world yearly calls for a number of measures for ease of the pilgrims. Nokia Siemens Network has helped the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) by delivering Single Radio Access Network (RAN) and Special Event Support Services (SESS) to provide the Haajis with the ultimate broadband experience. The partnership helped STC to maintain 99.9% availability notwithstanding the huge traffic, a report published on telecom lead says

Only NSN provides the services of GSM and 3G radio to STC in Makkah, Madina and other pilgrim areas in addition to supply, installation, integration and commissioning of equipment as part of the service. The company has also integrated its NetAct network management system which will enable STC to monitor, manage and operate GSM and 3G networks effectively keeping the standard of optimum performance for the 12th consecutive year in 2012.

During the Hajj in 2012, STC networks processed over 2750 Terabytes of Internet traffic (100% more than the previous year) and 40% increase in voice traffic as compared to the last year. The network capacity was increased by 60% prior to Hajj to account for 26 million users which is equivalent to the network capacity of several countries.Information-Technology-and-Communication-ICT

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