Ufone brings 1 Paisa per second billing for international calls

Islamabad  (MEDIA)

To facilitate millions of Pakistanis to connect with their relatives and friends living or travelling to different states, provinces and cities of USA, UK and Canada, Ufone has announced a ground breaking international call offer of 1 paisa per second which not only allows customers to remain in touch more often but be able to do so on the most affordable call rates in the country.

The 1 paisa call rate is phenomenally low, so much so that it is even more affordable then making local calls within the country. This is the telecom industry’s first per second billing for international calls. The one paisa per second call rate is applicable for all calls made on mobile phone networks and landline phone services in USA and Canada whereas in the UK, the offer is valid for landline numbers only. To subscribe to the service a customer simply needs to dial *2288# or send ‘sub’ to 2288 via SMS. There is a onetime subscription charge of Rs. 10 +tax

Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer Ufone, said, “The call rates are the lowest and the most affordable to every Pakistani national who wishes to keep in touch with their loved ones in all three destinations. This offer has been created keeping in view each and every one of our valued customer’s needs”. “This offer is flexible for Ufone’s valuable customers as they will only be charged for the exact duration of their call , hence, a customers is free to call every time in accordance with their affordability and requirements,” he added.

Abdur Rehman, a resident of Karachi, said that he is lucky to be a part of the Ufone family as he can talk to his son living in UK for higher studies as much as he wants keeping in view the credit he has in his phone. The astounding part is that I am charged 1 paisa per second inclusive of tax so I know exactly how much time I have to talk to him. “Now my family members and I myself can talk to my son everyday even for a few seconds on daily basis due to Ufone’s lowest international tariff,” he said and added there is no means of communication we have except Ufone that bridges the gap between my son and I.

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