The Lahore High Court has dismissed petitions against PTCL


The Lahore High Court has dismissed three different petitions against Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) Voluntary Severance Scheme (VSS). Out of these, two petitions were filed by Lines Staff Union while a third petition was filled by an ex employee Rana Muhammad Hassan. The petitioners requested the court to halt the VSS as well as internal transfers and postings of PTCL. The court dismissed the request for immediate halting of transfers and postings, adjourning the case till the 24 of October.

Previously, similar petitions were also lodged in Islamabad and Sindh High Courts as well as NIRC, but all the courts declined to issue stay orders for the petitions filed against PTCL.

When contacted, PTCL Executive Vice President (EVP) HR, Farooq H Malik said that the current VSS offer has been a success and it shows that the employees fully trust and endorse the management. He further said that on the insistence of employees the application submission date of PTCL VSS scheme has been extended till 27 of September 2012.

He further said a few miscreants have been lodging unreasonable petitions in various courts. None of the petitions have been maintained by any court so far which is clear sign that PTCL administrations steps are as per the law

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