Warid.Be More Social With My Status Service


Warid is pleased to announce the launch of My Status Service for its valued customers; now your Friends/Family/Colleagues can know what you are up to even before you pick up their call.

My Status is a service where a customer can set his status which displays onto the calling party’s number in a real-time Flash SMS.


In order to use My Status service, users must subscribe for the service:

Send ON to 6661 to subscribe to the service.

You will receive an SMS verifying your subscription from 6662.

Reply with ‘Set Gen Your Status’, for example SET GEN I AM PRAYING…PLEASE CALL ME BACK IN 15 MINS and send to 6662 to set your status.

Once you set up your status, your contacts will start receiving Flash SMS anytime they call you.


Weekly subscription based charging of PKR 1.99+tax with automatic renewal* for prepaid subscribers.

Monthly subscription based charging of PKR 29.99+tax for postpaid subscribers.

*In case customer does not have sufficient balance, the system will try for subsequent 90 days to charge him for this service. In case charging is still not successful, the system will delete the subscriber profile and customer shall have to subscribe to the service from start.

All SMS sent to 6662 are [email protected] PKR 0.5+tax

With My Status you can:

·         Create a general status: A general status is visible to all callers regardless if they are in any group/list.

·         Create individual status: You can set status for individual callers.

·         Create groups: You can create groups and set status individually for each group.

·         Create Black list: You can create a black list for numbers you do not want to see your status.


You can perform certain actions, like setting up a General status for all callers, setting up status for individual caller(s) & groups.

All commands are sent to 6662.

Set Gen: Set new or replace existing General Status. Example: “Set Gen I am in a meeting” and send to 6662

View Gen: View current general status.

Del Gen: Delete General status.

Set Caller : Set an individual status for the caller number. Example: ‘Set Caller 923211234567 See you at Cinestar at 5pm. Please don’t forget to bring your 3D glasses’ and send to 6662

Add <Group Name> <Number>: Allows you to create a group and add numbers to it; this will allow you to set status for a particular group. Example:  ‘Add Family 923211234567’ and send to 6662

Set <Group Name>: Allows you to set status for a particular group. Example: ‘Set Family I am on vacations’ and send to 6662

OFF: Will deactivate your subscription & remove all your configured groups or caller status(es)

For more SMS Commands and information, visit http://www.waridtel.com/products/my_status.php

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