The issues pertain to Computer industry would be resolved


Abbas Khan Afridi, Minister of State for Commerce has said that the government would revisit the matter regarding GST exemption for IT and computer industry in Pakistan. He said that IT sector is vital for the growth of overall economic development of the country and hence every possible measure would be taken to boost this vital sector of the economy.

Abbas Khan Afridi said while talking to a delegation of Pakistan Computer Association (PCA), led by led by Munawar Iqbal, the President PCA Central. Besides others, Abdullah Malik President PCA Islamabad, Rashid Ali, Zafar Shahzad and Atta Ur Rehman Tahir were also present on the occasion.

Munawar Iqbal on the occasion briefed the minister about the state of the affairs pertain to IT and computer industry in Pakistan. He said that due to ill conceived policies of last dictatorial regime, the IT has lagged behind in this region and in order to fill this gap and for a rapid growth the nascent industry needs a tax exemption at least for next few years.

The president of PCA Central highlighted the issue of registration of PCA as trade body with concerned department of the ministry and said that the association is representative body of the vendors in the industry and hence it couldn’t be forced to link with any software developers’ body.

He also apprised the mister that the PCA has made stern efforts to promote free software in Pakistan to save precious national exchequer on the purchase of software. He said that PCA seeks the support of the ministry in this regard.

Abbas Khan Afridi assured delegation of the full support of his ministry and said that the issue raised by PCA would be resolved as soon as possible. He said that the government wants to promote this sector and would make all out efforts to facilitate the industry.

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