The Biggest Hacking Mania

The Biggest Hacking Mania has arrived – ‘The Hackers Conference 2012‘.  In this first of its kind conference in India, Blackhat hackers drawn from around the world will demonstrate how they access a victim’s personal information, and even confidential data available on the Android cell phone. The conference will be held on July 29 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.
The use of Linux as an operating system is increasing rapidly, thanks partly topopular distributions such as ‘RedHat’ and ‘Suse’. So far, there are very few Linuxfile infectors and they do not pose a big threat yet. However, with more desktopsrunning Linux, and probably more Linux viruses, the Linux virus situation couldbecome a bigger problem.
17 years old hacker,Aneesh Dogra will talk on “How to make a Linux ELF Virus (That works on your latest linux distribution)” at ‘The Hackers Conference 2012‘ . Linux or Unix has the reputation of being “not so buggy”, and of being a good maintainer of system sanctity via good protection mechanisms.
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