Search the Quran via SMS


With addition of a new ‘Quran Search’ service the existing Islamic services being offered by Warid Telecom are further enhanced for the benefit of both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Quran Search

‘Quran Search’ allows a customer to search the Holy Quran via SMS according to Surah, Ayat and topic simply by writing the Surah or Ayat number or a topic name. Customers will be able to receive translations of the Holy Quran via SMS in Urdu as well as English.

Search the Quran according to:

·         Surah

·         Ayat

·         Topic (for example Inheritance, Day of Judgment, Mairaj, Ramadan, etc.)

Mechanics: Send “Quran” in an SMS to 6786 to start using the service.

Charges: Rs. 1.50+tax/SMS

786 Islamic Service

This Ramadan Warid introduces a special Ramadan Menu as part of its 786 Islamic Service. The menu includes:

·         Ramadan Quiz

·         Aaj kay din ki duayain

·         Ramadan kay masail

·         Taraveeh

·         Ramadan kay Dars

Furthermore, the customer who spends the most amount of time on the call on 786 will win an Umrah Package for two.

Islamic Service also includes the following:

·         Recitation of Quranic Ayat

·         Quranic Ayat with translation

·         Tafseer-e-Quran

·         Ahadith

·         Namaz, Sehr and Iftar timings

·         Hamd and Naat

·         Qawali

·         Dua


Just dial 786 from your Warid number and listen to much more.

Call Charges: Rs.5+tax /5 minutes

Ramadan Alerts Service

Stay in touch with Namaz, Sehr and Iftar Alerts and much more.  Warid offers following services this Ramadan:

Ramadan Alerts Package 1:

Subscribe to Namaz and Sehr and Iftar Alerts by sending “RA” in an SMS to 2020

Charges: Rs.15+tax/month

Ramadan Alerts Package 2:

Subscribe to Warid Ramadan Alerts package 2 which includes:

·         Namaz Alerts

·         Sehr and Iftar Alert

·         Ayat

·         Ahadith

·         Allah’s Name with Meanings

·         Prophet’s (S.A.W) Name with Meanings

·         Daily Tasbeeh

·         Today in History

·         Taaq Raat Alert

Send “RM” in an SMS to 2020.

Charges: Rs.25+tax/month


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