First time, Nokia to launch mobile phones globally from Pakistan


Nokia Pakistan is organizing a mega launch of two mobile phones which will be simultaneously launched globally from Pakistan on May 15. This is the first ever time, Pakistan has been chosen as the launching pad for any of its mobile phones. Apart from local audience, Nokia is inviting global audience including media people and other professionals.

An email from the company reveals that how Nokia values Pakistan as potential market for its future launches as it plans to connect the next billion people from Pakistan. Not only, the activity show how lucrative Pakistani market is for Nokia, on the other hand, it will also send a better image of Pakistan across the world in terms of other business activities.

We haven’t been confirmed yet as to what mobile phones models Nokia will launch from Pakistan but it appears that those will be featured mobile phones with internet capability  being a primary feature and most probably they will belong to middle price range.

Always, Nokia has been launching mobile phones all over the world and Pakistan only gets that mobile phone officially after few days or even weeks. Only problem, Nokia has been experiencing is the rise of smuggled/grey mobile phones. May be, it is Nokia’s plan to take care the menace of grey mobile phones.

Earlier, Nokia planned to hold the event at PC, Lahore but due to certain reasons, probably the security, the event has been shifted to Karachi.More read…

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