Intel Tantalizes Consumers with ‘Ultrabook™ Temptations’

 Islamabad (MEDIA )

What would you do for an Ultrabook™ computer? That’s the question Intel asks in Ultrabook™ Temptations, a series of six light-hearted experiments filmed in four cities across six countries and posted to YouTube today.

Sleek and stylish, Ultrabooks™ are a new category of computers inspired by Intel. They are the next generation in mobile computing – thinner, lighter and more responsive than traditional laptops, but just as powerful and secure.

“People are drawn to Ultrabooks in a way we have never seen before with traditional laptops,” said Claudine Pache, digital marketing manager for Intel Australia and New Zealand. “We devised the ‘Ultrabook Temptations’ experiments to see how far people would go to get their hands on an Ultrabook.”

The six experiments, filmed in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand, were designed to tempt people and introduce Ultrabooks™ to consumers through YouTube. In ‘Daring Temptation’, an Ultrabook is installed in a display case near a busy area with the simple instruction: ‘Smash Glass to Win Ultrabook’ and a small hammer. Would a commuter prove bold enough to smash the glass in public and claim the prize?

According to Jayant Murty, Intel’s Asia Pacific director of brand strategy and integrated marketing: “We wanted to launch Ultrabook™ to the world in a fun and unexpected way. Ultrabook™ Temptations shows how these great new devices can inspire and delight us during everyday moments.

The first Ultrabooks™ from brands* like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and Toshiba are in stores now. Intel expects to see more than 75 designs in 2012 and that Ultrabooks™ will become mainstream devices by the end of the year.

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