PTA has initiated 3G spectrum / license auction process


PTA has initiated 3G spectrum / license auction process on receipt of Government of Pakistan Policy Directive.  The process of planning and consultation, with stakeholders, was initiated simultaneously. Apart from the existing operators, potential investors, local and foreign, were identified and approached.

During the meeting/discussion with international investors, it was highlighted that the tentative timelines published by PTA for the auction process were difficult to meet. Participation in the auction requires thorough planning, completion of procedural formalities and lining up of large sums of money.  Arranging such finances on short notice is not easy, especially in the present global economic scenario.  Other relevant stakeholders including Auction Supervisory Committee have emphasized the necessity of appointing the Consultant.

Hence, keeping its tradition of taking stakeholders on board and to make all possible efforts towards a highly transparent auction process, PTA has initiated the process of hiring the Consultant of international repute.  Requirements have been advertised in the local and international media. The Consultant will be appointed after fulfilling all rules and regulations of the Government.  The final schedule will be given soon, with due consultation.


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