PTA. Customers perception survey result.

Pakistan Telecom Authority  (PTA) declare Mobilink  as an excellent cellular mobile operator among its competitors. This was announced in its results after customers perception survey result which was  held in September / October 2011. The Ufone stands on last  position.

PTA launched a SMS based Consumer perception survey system 8899 aiming to seek consumers perception about performance of their respective cellular mobile operators. For this survey, PTA made special arrangements to make it a free of cost service to encourage maximum participation from general public. The survey is first of its kind carried out by a regulator around the world. The survey was conducted by outreaching telecommunication consumers to maximize the geographical coverage. A transparent and fast ‘SMS-based’ mechanism was followed where users were asked to participate in the survey by sending response through SMS ranging from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) as per their perception. On the basis of the feedback received, PTA has complied the final results of the survey.

Warid get second position in excellent category , Telenor on third, Zong on fourth and Ufone is on last position. As well as in poor category Zong get first position, Ufone on second, Telenor on third and Mobilink on fourth position and Warid on last. 

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