CARE has made yet another history by winning FOUR awards in the five categories

All my gratitude to Almightily Allah Who has bestowed on us the intellect and the determination to work hard for our country to bring honor to Pakistan. This year CARE has made yet another history by winning FOUR awards in the five categories CARE was competing, one GOLD and four SILVER merit awards. I wish we could share the movement with every Pakistani when the name of Pakistan was announced seven times, twice for the gold and five times for silver, at one time I was actually jumping with joy and jubilation, and it was when the other fellow from Pakistan won the gold.

Asia Pacific ICT Award is the biggest and the most prominent event in the region when fourteen countries that include technologically very advanced member states like Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia etc compete in fourteen categories. We have proven our mettle against the very best in the region. We have told them with our work that they must forget about all the negativity that is being posted and played against Pakistan. We are peace loving people with intellect and we work with passion and determination, and most important of these all we love our country Pakistan.

Congratulations to Pakistan, all engineers and computer scientists who are working across the world proving their worth to who so ever they touched, in Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Intel, and the most important and the most loving are those who are working/studying in CARE, CASE and the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering NUST (the entire team on Arrhythmia Detection Project that won the gold, and to the entire CARE team for winning the rest of the awards).

The people in the ceremony were amazed, the judges, the executives, and the minster who was actually giving the award, CARE four times on stage, wow.

Thanks National ICT R&D Fund for funding the project on Arrhythmia Detection. And Pakistan must pay sincere tribute to Ms Jaha Array, President [email protected], and her team of volunteers like Badar Khushnood, Jawwad Farid, Zaffar Khan, Nadeem Malik, and Ms Rabia Garib (I might be missing few names). They are the most amazing people I have every met in my life. They have been working so hard just for the cause of Pakistan, may Allah reward them for the good they are doing for Pakistan.


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