Pta revise AAR ASR And APC rate


Pakistan telecommunication authority revise the approved accounting rate  (AAR) approved settlement  rate (ASR)  and access promotion contribution (APC ) with the effect from  1. October 2011.

Pta has meeting with LDI operators on 16 May 2011 after due deliberation and keeping view the comments of LDI operators has decided  to revise the AAR ASR APC and LDI Share in the following manner

AAR:                 US $   0.1250  per minute

ASR:                  US $   0.0625  per minute

LDI Share        US  $  0.0500  per minute

APC:                  US  $   0.0125   per  minute

Authority has also further decided  to change the permissible rang as range of price between approved settlement rate and 20% of approved settlement rate with effect from 1st  October 2011.

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