China’s ‘Ecological Silicon Valley’ (PICTURES)

Beijing (CHINA)

While it may look like a handful of precious gems taking a dip in a river, the image below is actually of the Mentougou City, a gorgeous new “Ecological Silicon Valley” located in the mountains not far from Beijing.

The new development will be comprised of research institutes for modern science along with eco-efficient urban living. Designed with carbon neutrality, water and energy conservation, and renewable energy in mind, Mentougou Eco Valley even hopes to reduce its environmental footprint to one third that of a typical city of similar size.


The Miaofeng mountain area, located about 30 km west of Beijing, is slated to be reborn as a gorgeous new “Ecological Silicon Valley.” Located close to the urban metropolis of Beijing, the new city will combine research institutes for modern science and innovation with environmentally friendly and eco-efficient urban living. The master plan for the eco-city was laid out by the Finnish firm, Eriksson Architects in collaboration with Finnish ecological experts Eero Paloheimo Eco City Ltd. With goals of carbon neutrality, respect for the environment, water and energy conservation, renewable energy, and housing and amenities for all employees and visitors, the Mentougou Eco Valley aims to reduce its environmental footprint to one third that of a typical city of similar size.

The 100 sq km development will include space for 9 environmental research institutes and companies, a city center and smaller residential villages with enough housing for 50,000 people.

Public transportation will connect all the parts of the valley together and the architecture and siting of buildings will be based on the natural topography.


Plans as of now include that the eco city will produce all of its own water, recycle it along with waste back into the ecosystem in order to boost agriculture to meet the needs of the inhabitants.

Taking lessons learned from other eco city projects, like Huangbaiyu, Masdar and Dong Tan, Mentougou hopes to exceed their plans for sustainability.

The developers of the valley want to ensure they correctly match the need for housing as well as jobs.

They will aim for carbon neutrality along with an overall sustainability plan to minimize their impact.

Currently, the master plan is awaiting approval from Chinese authorities, after which the developers will begin to seek out funding and potential businesspartners.

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