obscene content could be blocked by more than 90 percent easily at technical level

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have said that the traffic of obscene content could be blocked by more than 90 percent easily at technical level by internet services providers in the country.

They said the ISPs are ready to act on the policy framed by concerned ministry and regulator in true letter and spirit within short period of time.

Last month, a nine grader student, Abdullah, from Karachi, wrote a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan and requested him to direct the relevant authorities to block obscene materials on internet as it is being done in various Arab states.

There is no big issue to block unethical, inappropriate and obscene websites in the country provided that there must be strong implementation policy, coordination among Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Backbone Operators, Wahaj-us-Siraj, Convener Pakistan Internet Services Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) said.

The number of users in Pakistan witnessed tremendous growth over the period of last five years. People use internet for various purposes including education, information and entertainment, however, indecent flood of content on internet accessible in the country despite of the fact Pakistan is Muslim state and its constitution prohibits promotion or availability of anything which is repugnant of religion and its values.

It is true that volume of obscene website is significant in the country, varying between 15 to 20 percent in overall traffic or internet usage by the users, Siraj said. But it could be blocked up to 90 percent in the country as if Facebook was blocked previous year, he added.

ISPs believe that hackers or different solution providers could access to the obscene website despite of blocking of such contents but majority of the people could be prevented as if it happened in different countries.

They said the cyber laws must be enforced strictly to stop unblocking such contents by solution providers and they are punished and penalized if they infringe laws and access to the indecent contents.

I personally want that obscene websites and all such content should be blocked completely so internet is used solely for positive purposes, Mubashir Naqvi, CEO Qubee said.

There is sea of knowledge and information on internet for our students and they are encouraged to access internet to keep them at par with global trends in education, he said.

Naqvi believes that internet penetration will be increased through blocking of immoral content as it will become a positive tool used particularly for communication, education and healthy entertainment in our society.

It is widespread misconception that internet is widely used by youth of the country, which is not only waste of time but they are affected them with immoral contents. A few section of the people particularly parents believe that internet is only used by youth for visiting obscene websites hence it should not be allowed them at home or without check. If they are ensure that these websites are blocked so the internet penetration is expected to be increased in the country and more people will go online without any hesitation for useful purposes.

It is high time that the concerned ministry and authority should feel their responsibility and take initiatives against obscene website themselves. Also, the civil society, lawyers’ group and students’ parties to take this matter seriously and initiate a campaign for betterment of our young generation.

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