90,000 Military Email Accounts Leaked in Latest #AntiSec Attack

90,000 Military Email Accounts Leaked in Latest #AntiSec Attack

In latest tweet by AnonymousIRC , Hackers leaks 90,000 Military Email Accounts from Booz Allen Hamilton is a massive American consulting firm for #AntiSec. Anonymous call it “Military Meltdown Monday: Mangling Booz Allen Hamilton” .

The Leak include 90,000 logins of military personnel—including personnel from US CENTCOM, SOCOM, the Marine Corps, various Air Force facilities, Homeland Security, State Department staff, and what looks like private sector contractors.

They Release it via Torrent of 130.5 MB archive file.

Press Release by Anonymous is :

Hello Thar!

Today we want to turn our attention to Booz Allen Hamilton, whose core business 
is contractual work completed on behalf of the US federal government, foremost 
on defense and homeland security matters, and limited engagements of foreign 
governments specific to U.S. military assistance programs.

So in this line of work you’d expect them to sail the seven proxseas with a 
state- of-the-art battleship, right? Well you may be as surprised as we were 
when we found their vessel being a puny wooden barge.

We infiltrated a server on their network that basically had no security 
measures in place. We were able to run our own application, which turned out to 
be a shell and began plundering some booty. Most shiny is probably a list of 
roughly 90,000 military emails and password hashes (md5, non-salted of course!).
We also added the complete sqldump, compressed ~50mb, for a good measure.

We also were able to access their svn, grabbing 4gb of source code. But this 
was deemed insignificant and a waste of valuable space, so we merely grabbed 
it, and wiped it from their system.

Additionally we found some related datas on different servers we got access to 
after finding credentials in the Booz Allen System. We added anything which 
could be interesting.

And last but not least we found maps and keys for various other treasure chests 
buried on the islands of government agencies, federal contractors and shady 
whitehat companies. This material surely will keep our blackhat friends busy 
for a while.

A shoutout to all friendly vessels: Always remember, let it flow!

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