Technology only solution against fog By: Sheikh Hamza


Fog creates a major impact on the day to day activities especially in the cities of Punjab including Lahore. The issue of Fog comes forth from the end of December to the whole month of January. Serious incidents takes place due to Fog every year but the issue has never been properly addressed.

Information Technology can play a vital role in clearing the environment of the affected areas through sophisticated equipment which can be installed to clear the Fog. The Airports could also become operational due to IT equipment used in the province. The major City of Lahore enhances the day to day business due to the normal conditions of the city after installing the technology based equipment.

In winter Europe, Canada and USA are the major sufferers of Fog but their Motor ways, High ways and Airports remain active through the season due to the relevant equipment and technology been essential component installed during the project and it becomes the part of the project.

Same practice can be followed and the Airports and Motor ways can be secured can remain active after using the technology. The government should associate all the projects upcoming and revamping of previous projects with the technology to maintain the visibility. No future project should be constructed without this equipment to maintain the visibility in the interest of the common people as well as securing financial damage to the economy of the country.