PTA, Chairman & Member Finance’s Posts will be advertised to attract talented individuals.


The Government of Pakistan has decided that for the post of new chairman and member (Finance) of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will be advertised to attract fresh and talented individuals.

The Government of Pakistan has not appointed a new chairman nor its member (finance) since November 13th and September 26th(Respective tenure expiration dates for each post).

However a notification by the Government has now been issued that has categorically stated that while the current Chairman and member (Finance) have performed admirably, it will be best to advertise for the posts to attract new talent.

It must be noted here that it is being reported by credible sources that the both Prime Minister and Interior Minister had in fact received anonymous letters that expressed displeasure with the outgoing Chairman and Member(Finance) and have raised variety of credibility issues.

Meanwhile it has been also been confirmed that a summary has been sent to the cabinet to extend the appointment for both outgoing professionals but it should be noted that appointments for PTA’s highest offices are made by the establishment division not, the cabinet.

Those that follow these matters closely know that last time it was the Supreme Court that pushed the Government to appoint Chairman PTA as it delayed the matter for considerable time.

The story is developing.