Google VP met Shahbaz Sharif and Rafiq Rajwana


Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday introduced an advanced system for monitoring government affairs through smartphones.
While meeting vice president of Google in South Asia and Southeast Asia Rajan Anandan, CM Punjab sought Google’s assistance for the promotion of information technology in various departments. He said that development of IT industry in Punjab is government s first priority.
Shahbaz Sharif further announced that the construction of Knowledge Park in Punjab is underway.
Punjab Governor Rafique Rajwana on Thursday hosted a ceremony in honor of a delegation from internet giant Google.
Vice Chancellor Information Technology University and IT experts attended the ceremony where the governor said being laced with information technology is the only way to survive in the modern world.
The governor added that Pakistan’s export was witnessing sign of improvement in the field of information technology and software.
Speaking on the occasion, Rajan Anandan, head of the Google delegation, said people from all spheres of life and age do have an interest in information technology.