We are organizing the first Pakistan Algeria Economic Forum: Dr. Brahim Romani There are great opportunities to promote bilateral trade between Pakistan and Algeria . Atif Ikram Sheikh

There are great opportunities to promote bilateral trade between Pakistan and Algeria in various sectors: Atif Ikram Sheikh

We are organizing the first Pakistan Algeria Economic Forum in June: Dr. Brahim Romani

ISLAMABAD  (  Web News  )

President of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Atif Ikram Sheikh met with the Ambassador of Algeria Dr. Brahim Romani at the Federation office.

On this occasion, Atif Ikram Sheikh said that there are good opportunities to promote mutual trade between Pakistan and Algeria in various fields. The Ministry of Commerce’s initiative on the ‘look Africa Policy’ was an important step towards deeper engagement with African countries The best way to improve bilateral trade is to promote direct links between the private sectors of the two countries. In June, the Pakistan-Algeria Economic Forum will be led by the Federation of Pakistan۔

Federation President Atif Ikram said that the establishment of a joint business council will help increase economic cooperation in trade, development projects, technology exchange. Pakistan has an untapped export potential of USD 5 billion in Algeria which includes surgical instruments, textiles, vegetables and fruits, pharmaceutical products, copper, footwear, cutlery, aluminum, furniture, and mechanical equipment. Investors from both countries should explore joint ventures and investment opportunities in business sectors. Trade and investment opportunities can be explored through frequent delegation exchanges.

Algerian Ambassador Dr. Brahim Romani said on this occasion that we are organizing the first Pakistan-Algeria Economic Forum in which we invite the business community of Pakistan to participate. Better relations and trade cooperation will be opened by opening new avenues of cooperation under the Africa Policy. It is a good opportunity for Pakistan’s business community to participate in the Economic Forum and explore new opportunities to promote business with Algeria. The Chambers of Commerce of both countries should involve themselves to create more value for the local business community. The MOU between the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry opens new avenues of cooperation will play an important role.

Chairman Capital Office Karim Aziz Malik, Coordinator Diplomatic Committee Ahmed Waheed, Vice President Zaki Ijaz, Ijaz Khokhar, Special Advisor Dr. Afshan Malik and others were also present on this occasion۔