Zindigi and SBP Drive Digital Evolution with Raast P2M This strategic move reflects a significant leap towards a digitally inclusive economy.

Zindigi and State Bank of Pakistan Drive Digital Evolution with Raast P2M

LAHORE  (  Web  News  )

Zindigi aligning seamlessly with the strategic vision of the State Bank of Pakistan, leads innovation by empowering merchants nationwide with Raast  P2M Merchants Payments Ecosystem. Zindigi, powered by JS bank is one of the first to adopt the Person to Merchant (P2M) initiative.

This strategic move reflects a significant leap towards a digitally inclusive economy. It’s not merely a service; it’s a testament to dedication to fostering a robust digital economy and contributing to the nation’s economic progress. Zindigi leads the way as the youngest financial institution with the largest merchant network on Raast P2M.All Zindigi app users can use their smartphones to pay any Raast P2M QR codes across Pakistan.

Key features of the Raast P2M ecosystem include open loop static & dynamic QR payments, request to pay (RTP), alias-based payments, instant/real-time merchant settlement and even Till codes for customers who do not own smartphones. The dispute resolution mechanism, supported by the SBP also ensures a robust framework for efficiently resolving disputes and Zindigi is there to support these comprehensive initiatives to bring the digital payments infrastructure to the masses.

Noman Azhar, Chief Officer Zindigi Stated, “Supporting the State Bank’s initiatives towards significant financial inclusion resonates with our fundamental goals. We are honored to be at the forefront of adopting the Raast P2M Merchant ecosystem.Our aim is to empower every individual in our nation financially and create a significant, tangible impact.”

Zindigi is committed to transcending traditional digital banking services, with the ambition of reshaping Pakistan’s digital banking landscape. Centered around innovation, customer centricity, and responsible banking, Zindigi leverages advanced technology and ethical practices to deliver lasting value to all stakeholders and make a meaningful societal impact.