The government should stop hike in medical colleges fees. PMA This hike in medical college fees will close the doors of medical education for middle class childrens.

The government should stop medical colleges across the country from increasing fees and collect fees and other charges from students as per the session starting in 2022. Pakistan Medical Association

This hike in medical college fees will close the doors of medical education to children of middle class parents.

PMDC, UHS and Department of Health should be corrected, the 4th Sino-Pak Medical Conference will be held from 28 to 30 June 2024 in Shanghai, China.

Press conference of Dr. Abdul Ghor Shuro along with other officials after the Central General Council meeting

LAHORE ( Web  News  )

Pakistan Medical Association has expressed serious concern over the increase in the fees of medical colleges and has demanded the government to stop the increase in the fees of medical colleges across the country and ask the students according to the session starting in 2022. Fees and other charges should be collected. This demand after the meeting of Pakistan Medical Association Central Council, Secretary General Pakistan Medical Association Dr. Abdul Ghor Shoro, Central President Dr. Hamidullah Kakar, President PMA Punjab Dr. Colonel (R) Ghulam Shabbir, Dr. Izhar Ahmad Chaudhry, President PMA Lahore Professor Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Nizami and General Secretary PMA Lahore Prof. Dr. Malik Shahid Shaukat while addressing the press conference. Dr. Abdul Ghor Shoro said that after such an increase in the fees of medical colleges. The doors of medical education will be closed for the children of poor and middle class parents. He said that he also demanded the government to take notice against the malpractices in the erstwhile PMC and PMDC. During this period, 15 medical colleges were illegally registered. He said the central council welcomed the move to withdraw the notification issued by the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations prohibiting doctors from prescribing multivitamins. He said that the General Council also condemned the decision to abolish the General Cadre in Punjab and to privatize the Tehsil Headquarters and District Headquarters Hospitals of Punjab. He said that the first brick of this work is senior medical in all districts of Punjab. Officers, Additional Principal Medical Officers and Principal Medical Officers seats have been abolished. The logical consequence of this waste will be that further development in this cadre will be stopped and that of his own development No seat will be available for those who want to actualize. For this unethical, illegal and unconstitutional move, the bureaucracy of the health department has arbitrarily interpreted the financial delegation rules and concluded that these seats have been vacant for one year and the department can eliminate them according to law. The bureaucracy first showed criminal negligence by not promoting the doctors and kept the seats vacant and now these seats are being eliminated by committing the second crime. The central council meeting has demanded that the government of Punjab should end these negative measures. Moreover, through a resolution, the policies of PMDC, UHS and health department on medical education, examination protocol, admission to medical colleges in Punjab. Serious concerns were expressed and a demand was made to correct the Qibla of these institutions. In the central council meeting, the issue of security of doctors was discussed in detail. The PMA Center stressed the need for better safety measures to ensure the safety of medical professionals at their workplaces. It was emphasized that immediate steps should be taken to address this concern and protect doctors from any form of violence or harassment. Condemning the genocide of Palestinians in the meeting, it was said that hospitals and refugee camps are being destroyed in the carpet bombing by the Zionist army on Gaza. More than 30,000 Palestinians have been martyred so far, including more than 25,000 children and women. PMA strongly condemns the genocide of Palestinians and calls upon the United Nations and the international community for an immediate ceasefire and emergency aid to the devastated Gaza. He said that this year the 4th China-Pakistan Medical Conference will be held from 28 to 30 June 2024 in Shanghai, China. A fifty member delegation of PMA will participate in this conference. Scientific Session of the Conference General Surgery, Radiology, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Anesthesiology, ENT It will consist of various departments like Ophthalmology, Public Health. And in the scientific session, both Chinese and Pakistani speakers will give lectures and presentations. He said that the opening ceremony of this mega event will be held from April 25 to 29 in Lahore. A thirty-member delegation of the Chinese Medical Association will arrive in Lahore, Pakistan to participate in this event