The Bank of Punjab Clinches “Best SME Bank in Pakistan” "We are honoured to be recognized as the Best SME Bank by The Digital Banker. Mr. Zafar Masud

The Bank of Punjab Clinches “Best SME Bank in Pakistan”

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Title at Global SME Banking Innovation Awards 2024 by The Digital Banker The Bank of Punjab is
thrilled to receive the prestigious title of “The Best SME Bank in Pakistan” during the Global SME Banking Innovation Award 2024 Gala by The Digital Banker. This acknowledgment underscores our unwavering dedication to fostering the growth and prosperity of SMEs in Pakistan, showcasing our outstanding performance in pioneering digital innovation, advancing financial inclusivity, and offering steadfast support to this vital sector.

A key driver of BOP’s success lies in its primary focus on financial inclusivity. We actively provide accessible banking services, conduct financial literacy  programs, and offer customised financing solutions to empower SMEs. As one of the largest Commercial Banks in the country providing Collateral-Free Loans to SMEs, we recognise that genuine success stems from grass root level efforts and the uplifting of marginalised segments. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are foundational to our strategy across all sectors. In our pursuit to address disparities and empower women in Pakistan, BOP under its Naz Proposition initiative is actively engaging, recognising and harnessing the vast potential this segment offers.

Despite challenges, we’ve successfully extended a significant number of loans to women led businesses, addressing issues such as access to finance, lack of collateral, and volatile interest rates.
Another cornerstone of BOP’s success lies in its tailored digital banking solutions for SMEs. Spearheading innovation, bank introduced the first End-to-End (E2E) digital lending product of
the commercial banking industry in the market, empowering small entrepreneurs with seamless and efficient financial delivery to navigate the complexities of modern day business landscape.
Bank’s exclusive SME Digital Portal streamlines the lending process for its customers.

Innovative credit evaluation methodologies further distinguish BOP’s approach. We had introduced Regression-Based Statistical scorecard model for credit evaluation, specifically tailored for extending loans to Small Enterprises (SE). Applicants are engaged through recorded communication, and loans are granted utilizing a Q & A based cash flow-centric lending framework, assessed via Digital Scorecards. Additionally, bank has embarked upon a ground-breaking partnership with a Tech Company for an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowered digital
infrastructure project aimed at evaluating scope 3 emissions, furthering our commitment to ESG considerations in SME Financing.

Expressing gratitude at this recognition, Mr. Zafar Masud, CEO of The Bank of Punjab, remarked, “We are honoured to be recognized as the Best SME Bank by The Digital Banker. This award validates our dedication to SMEs success in Pakistan. We remain committed to innovating and delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to empower small businesses and stimulate economic growth.”

The Bank of Punjab’s recognition as the Best SME Bank in Pakistan reaffirms its position as a leader in the financial industry, setting the stage for a future marked by continued innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable economic development.