An 8-member committee has been formed to implement the FBR restructuring plan. In place of Pakistan Customs and Inland Revenue, two separate institutions should be created in the country

An 8-member committee headed by FM Dr. Shamshad Akhtar has been formed to implement the FBR restructuring plan.

ISLAMABAD  ( Web News  )

An 8-member committee has been established under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar to implement the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) reorganization plan approved by the federal cabinet. In order to complete the process of implementation and distribution of assets and liabilities to Customs and Inland Revenue, a Legal Committee and another Finance and Administration Committee have been established to facilitate this implementation committee. The Finance and Revenue Division has issued a notification in the implementation committee formed under the chairmanship of the caretaker Finance Minister, Secretary Law, Dr. Musharraf R. Sayan, Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, Syed Nadeem Rizvi (Member Administration), Mukram Jah Ansari (Member Legal and Accounting), Afaq Ahmed Qureshi (Member Inland Revenue Policy), Sajid Mehmood Qazi Additional Secretary Revenue Division Committee members have been appointed. In place of Pakistan Customs and Inland Revenue, two separate institutions should be created in the country to have administrative autonomy, to create an internal system of accountability in both institutions, to separate tax policy and tax administration and determine their responsibilities. Sub-committees for preparing the aims and objectives of the Oversight Board and the Federal Policy Board and finalizing their legal drafts, distribution of assets, financial resources and other movable and immovable assets to Customs and Inland Revenue. Implementation of the proposals prepared by and immediate resolution of the problems that arise in them and preparation of their legal drafts, monitoring the stages of approval from their respective forums, rules, regulations notification, statutory regulatory order, for both new institutions. Preparation and approval of administrative orders, existing FBR employees and officials of concerned institutions in the process to finalize the asset distribution plan for distribution between the two institutions and to ensure that the distribution is fair. Ensuring the consent of the Government and its approval from government forums, approval of the regulatory and legal framework for new institutions, preparation of mechanisms for implementation of the resources assigned by the Government and the Special Investment Facility Committee. A legal committee has been set up to provide support to the implementation committee headed by Finance Minister Zamme Hoon Gangran. Policy), Chaudhry Mohammad Javed (Chief Legal), Masood Akhtar, Chief Income Tax Policy will join this committee to complete the legal drafts to abolish FBR and replace it with Inland Revenue Service and Customs Service, fiscal laws. I have been entrusted with the responsibility of finalizing the drafts of the necessary amendments and getting their approval from the federal cabinet in their respective forums, and redrafting the existing procedures. Khan (Member Audit FBR), Muhammad Imran Khan (DPR&A), Faridoon Akram Sheikh (Chief Administration) and Dr Nasir Khan Chief FBR will be members of this sub-committee. To identify the total financial resources, its movable and immovable assets, manpower, divide them into two separate institutions like Customs and Inland Revenue and provide support to the Committee of the Supervising Finance Minister in its implementation. The responsibility has been assigned