Wavetec Appointed as Channel Partner by NCR "We are excited to join forces with NCR as their Official Channel Partner in Pakistan," said Raheel Malik,

KARACHI ( Web News )

Wavetec, a leading technology company, has been appointed as the Channel Partner in Pakistan of NCR, top provider of banking & self-service solutions globally. With a legacy of over three decades in delivering innovative solutions to major financial institutions worldwide, Wavetec is poised to provide best-in-class services and solutions in Pakistan through this strategic collaboration.

As NCR’s trusted channel partner, Wavetec aims to deliver unparalleled services and solutions that redefine the future of digital self-service banking in Pakistan. The partnership between Wavetec and NCR holds tremendous potential for facilitating branch banking transformation, digitization, and enhancing the financial landscape by introducing innovative banking solutions.

“We are excited to join forces with NCR as their Official Channel Partner in Pakistan,” said Raheel Malik, VP Strategy and Business Development, Wavetec. “This collaboration will allow us to leverage our expertise and combine it with NCR’s cutting-edge technology, enabling us to deliver exceptional value to financial institutions across the country. We are confident that this partnership will revolutionize the banking experience and contribute to the growth and development of the financial sector in Pakistan.”

The collaboration between Wavetec and NCR brings forth a multitude of benefits for the banking industry in Pakistan. With a focus on branch banking transformation, the partnership aims to introduce innovative solutions that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer experience. Furthermore, the expansion of physical-digital self-service delivery points will drive retail banking growth, promoting financial inclusion, convenience, and satisfaction.

Wavetec’s deep understanding of the international market and its strength in tech innovation, combined with NCR’s expertise, will enable the development and implementation of solutions tailored to the unique needs of Pakistan’s banking sector. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the journey towards creating a more advanced and customer-centric banking ecosystem.