I will prove that those who had guns and arson were planted. Imran Khan Model Town-type massacre, Murtaza Bhutto-like his murder planned, discloses Chairman PTI

Model Town-type massacre, Murtaza Bhutto-like his murder planned, discloses Imran Khan

Urges supporters to exercise restraints, remain peaceful come what may

LAHORE ( Web News )

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan reiterated that whenever there was an independent inquiry he would prove that those who had guns and those who committed arson were planted amongst the demonstrators, as he disclosed the heinous plan long ago that four to five policemen would be killed in Zaman Park to prepare ground to carry out Model Town type massacre and to assassinate him the way they killed Murtaza Bhutto.

In a video message recorded on March 22 after attempted assassination on him in the Islamabad judicial complex on March 18, which PTI Chairman shared on his twitter handle, discovered the notorious plan to provoke his workers to make ground to carry out Model Town type bloodbath. PTI Chairman said that he had consistently told his party workers that whatever the provocation they must only do peaceful protests.

“InshAllah whenever there is an independent inquiry I will prove that those who had guns and those who committed arson were planted amongst the demonstrators just as they were going to do in the plan I uncovered here in this video message,” he said.

In a recorded video, PTI Chairman disclosed that notorious plan, wherein he clearly told his workers that another plan was hatched to carry out bloodbath but they should exercise restraints and remain peaceful come what may.

Imran Khan said: “I am telling all of you know and I am bringing it to the notice of our judiciary that they have made another plan to kill me.” “I am especially alarming the Punjab police that IG Punjab and IG Islamabad, backed by the handlers, have devised another plan to carry out operation outside Zaman Park, either today or tomorrow,” he warned.

PTI Chairman told the policemen that that they have formed two squads one has been chosen by IG Islamabad the other one by the IG Punjab but what they would do they would pretend to be part of our people gathered daily outside Zaman Park in great number.

He said that they would fire while standing within crowd to assassinate four to five police personnel, resultantly they would then counter attack and fired bullets to kill PTI people in a model town type massacre.

Imran Khan revealed that afterwards, they would, proceed further to attack his house to assassinate him in a manner Murtaza Bhutto was killed, adding that this was their plan which they would execute either today or tomorrow.

Imran Khan stated that they had made several other plans to harm him which somehow failed now out of frustration they were resorting to extremely dangerous plans

Imran Khan said that he wanted to tell to everyone about this plan today and even he wanted to alarm Punjab police against the possible murder of their five personnel just to make a ground to attack him.

However, PTI Chairman said: “I want to instruct my workers once again we would never become a part of any conflict we will not react, no matter what they do.” “This time we will retaliate, as I have shown you the video where the policemen are pelting stones at us to incite and infuriate us,” he added.

Imran Khan went on to say: “This time if they try to incite you, you should not react in any way and let the police come to me if they want to talk, direct them to me as I have been given bail in all cases so they do not have any reason to arrest me.”

However, PTI Chairman stated that even if they had a new warrant, let them come to him if it was needed, he would prefer to go to jail but he will not let bloodbath of his people. Therefore, he advised: “I am again telling my workers not to indulge in any conflict but I am putting this forth before my nation.”

Meanwhile Imran Khan came down hard on the government for replicating the Changiz Khan’s style of governance to unleash a wave of barbarism and tyranny to spread terror and fear in order to enslave the people.

In a video message on Tuesday, PTI Chairman said that the fascist government crossed all limits of barbarity, as people standing on road sides were picked up and put them in jails without any reason.

Imran Khan said that whenever Changiz Khan conquered a city, he unleashed a bloodbath and massacre and only left handful people alive so as they could tell the people the tales of his barbarity and terrorism. PTI Chairman said that as a result, the people were so terrified that all the cities accepted their defeat beforehand without any resistance.

Imran Khan went on to say that Pakistan was also currently going through the same situation today, as stories of cruelty were being run on TV channels, adding that people’s houses were being demolished and videos were being made which were being played on social media and TV channels to deter people.

He said that there has never been no such oppression on women, the way they were being subjected to desecration and oppression in Pakistan now-a-days, adding that people standing on the streets and roads were being detained and abducted and put them in jails.

PTI Chairman reminded that all these kinds of terror and fear were being spread so that people could be terrified and petrified so as no one dared to come out to raise voice against these tyrannies. Imran Khan stated that all these cruelties were being done to enslave the people; therefore he urged the people of Pakistan to stand up against these fascism to reclaim their real freedom.

PTI Chairman made it clear that they would have to render sacrifices for attaining ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’. However, he stated that once the people decided that they would not tolerate this cruelty and would uphold the supremacy of the law and constitution.

Imran Khan said that when the people decided that they wanted free, fair and transparent elections in a constitutional manner and elected representatives and would not tolerate the rule of thieves anymore, then they would be free in the true sense.

PTI Chairman urged people to break the idols of fear and whenever there was a call for protest, they should leave their homes to hold peaceful protests not violent protests for their fundamental and constitutional rights to reclaim real freedom, as no one can stand in front of 23 crore of people.