Best performers of Bank of AJK In the last three years, the bank's operating profit was recorded at 617 %. President


A ceremony chaired by President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Khawar Saeed was held at a local hotel organized by the Bank of Azad Jammu and Kashmir yesterday. Certificates and cash prizes were distributed to the best performing branch managers and regional control of Muzaffarabad. The President said that in the last three years, the bank’s operating profit was recorded at 617 percent, 109 percent of the assets and about 80 percent in deposits. In the meantime, not only the business targets were crossed but the bank paid the tax of Rs 50 crore to the government and became the state’s highest taxing company. Divisional Heads were also given cash prizes on the occasion. The President said that the company is playing a prominent and unique role in the socio -economic development of the state. Remittances crossed the highest level of Rs 5.55 billion after contracts with Ria (RIA), Money Gram and Western Union. After positive changes in business policy, it has become easier to cross all business goals, including profits, deposits, assets, remittances. He thanked the Board of Directors, the business community,  the government and semi -government departments and private sector of the state of Jammu and Kashmir for the confidence and cooperation . Earlier, representing senior management, Divisional Head Mr. Zamurrad Hussain said that BAJK is getting record business results by following the CEO’s inspiring leadership and vision. At the ceremony, Divisional Head Mr. Tashfin Gillani presented a review of excellent business results. Participants praised the leadership capabilities of President /CEO Mr. Khawar Saeed in the echo of the applause, and presented them with shields and souvenirs.