On worthy President’s direction Apex Committee probes hostel incident Apex Committee reviews facts regarding hostel incident happened on 21-03-2023 at hostel gates during earthquake


On the directions of H.E. Dr. Hathal Hamoud Alotaibi, President IIU, the Apex Committee of the university reviewed matters related to the damages that happened to turnstile gates by some student groups, after the earthquake jolts on last Tuesday.

In the meeting it was recommended that those students who are involved in damaging the valuable assets of the university during the unfortunate incidents must be interrogated and strict action will be taken by the university administration.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Vice President (Administration & Finance), Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani here in the council hall of Administration Block at the new campus. The meeting in detail reviewed matters pertaining to safety and security issues at hostels. It also discussed the matter of probe regarding an unfortunate incident that occurred at turnstile gates of the university hostels which was scripted by some pressure groups of students just to gain their undue and unlawful advantages / objectives regarding hostel mess and illegal occupancy of hostel seats.

The meeting was also attended by all the Vice-Presidents, Deans, Director Generals, Directors, Provosts (Male & Female), Students Advisors’ (Male & Female), Security Consultant and other relevant officials of the committee.

On the occasion, a detailed briefing was taken from the stakeholders on the planted incident that occurred at the exit gates of the university hostels after earthquake jolts happened on March 21, 2023. The Vice President, after watching the viral contents on social media disseminated by the students groups to defame the institution, asked all the Deans and Directors and Security Officers for sharing their opinion about this incident which happened at exit gates of hostel premises after about half an hour of earthquake jolts on last Tuesday.

In this regard all stakeholders shared during the meeting that the university management has taken strict measures to streamline the hostel seats and students mess system. They added that illegal occupants and some student groups are creating hurdles for the management, while on the day of the earthquake, some student groups were pressured to stop the hostel mess and stop the verification of student’s cards at the entry and exit points of hostel premises. They further told that the incident occurred after almost half an hour of earthquake jolts as the student groups damaged the costly computerized verification / identification turnstile gates installed for the security and safety of hostel boarders at hostel blocks of the university.

Almost all members of the meeting gave their valuable opinion on this matter and also shared allied safety and security measures to be taken at campus to avoid any unforeseen incident at campus.

During the meeting participants also shared that to avoid such incidents the university administration must take serious measures against scripted action by the students groups. While they recommended having such mock exercises / safety and defense drills once or twice in a year for safety and security of students and employees.

The meeting chair also shared his opinion among the participants that the university administration in the light of the vision of Worthy President has taken such initiatives to provide a peaceful and secure environment to students at campus.

The meeting participants agreed that all facts must be identified justly without any kind of internal or external pressures as the matter was politicized by some pressure groups.

The committee also recommended that those who are involved in such unlawful activities and are trying to damage the peaceful environment at campus and found to be involved in this incident happened on Tuesday, would face strict measures. The matter was also referred by the house to the Students Discipline Committee to probe the matter with the coordination of security officials.

The house also recommended the punishment to the culprits must not be revoked. It was also recommended that passed out students if they are involved in such activities or trying to instigate during the maligning activities or trying to play their role in such activities against the university, would also be investigated and their degrees would also be considered for cancellation.

The Vice President said that the university administration has already taken important steps for providing the best facilities to students at campus and hostels as per directions of the Worthy President and in this regard the concerned departments have been asked to submit periodical reports to the administration on a regular basis to solve the basic needs / requirements.

At the end the meeting chair also recommended that a comprehensive report must be prepared on this incident before taking action against those who are allegedly involved in this matter.