PMLS was successful event as over 200 exhibitors participated. PFMA offered linking the all industry with the Italian footwear machinery manufactures for technology transfers in the Pakistan


PMLS Concluded Italian, Chinese show interests for collaboration in Pakistan footwear industry

LAHORE ( Web News )

PMLS Italian footwear machine manufacturers have shown keen interest for technology transfer in Pakistan and established industry for this purpose. Besides the Chinese footwear component manufactures invited Pakistani counterparts to visit China to explore the joint ventures opportunities in this particular segment.

These developments were come during the three days 8th Pakistan Mega Leather Show (PMLS) concluded here at Lahore Expo Center other day. This year the PMLS was successful event as over 200 exhibitors participated while a large number of visitors visited.

The Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) offered linking the all industry with the Italian footwear machinery manufactures for technology transfers in the Pakistan. This will be win-win for Italian machinery manufactures and Pakistani footwear industry.

The PFMA also briefed about the Special Economic Zones being established and available for the foreign and local investors where government is offering good incentives including tax holidays and other, the Italian showed keen interest to establish their machine manufacturing industry there.

The PFMA also offered the Italian machine manufacturers for further collaborations with the government authorities in case they will make investment in Pakistan. Next PMLS will January 27-29 in 2024.

Furthermore, two technical workshops were organized for the industry with the Italian industry experts. These workshops were conducted by the Italian designers which was attended by the designers of almost all top local brands designers. The participants of the workshops appreciated the knowledge imparted by the Italians to the locals.

Additionally, an international seminar was also conducted in the sidelines of the expo on footwear sustainability and survival which was largely attended by the small, and large industrial players.

first time Expo Riva Schuh, Riva Del Garda, Italy, the world’s largest shoe expo delegation led by its Chairman/CEO Roberto Pellegrini attended the PMLS and participated in different activities. Besides, the delegation also visited the Pakistani footwear manufacturers factories and held meetings with the potential exporters of shoes from Pakistan. The Italian delegation termed Pakistani products a true product for European Markets.

Expo Riva Schuh also signed a MOU with the PFMA under which, a three years special incentivize package is given to the Pakistani footwear manufacturers to attend the world largest shoes expos in Italy in order to display Pakistani products to European buyers. They will ensure visibility of Pakistani footwear industry to Europe and especially in Italy.

In the opening CEO TDAP Zubair Motiwala also assured the leather sector for incentivizing the exporters to attend the international expos. Besides, he also assured the industry release of EDF for the research and development of leather sector of Pakistan.