She is committed to promote women entrepreneurs. Ms. Riffat Malik Mirza Abdul Rehman, noted that, despite all hurdles and impediments, women have performed exceedingly well in Pakistan historically.

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

Ms. Riffat Malik, Vice President FPCCI, has said that she is committed to promote women entrepreneurs and workforce neglecting women empowerment, emancipation and participation makes no economic or business sense to him – who account for 52 percent of Pakistan’s population.

Vice President FPCCI, said that ignoring half of any country’s population is counter intuitive in promoting economic growth of any economy. she was talk with Mirza Abdul Rehman, Chairman Coordination FPCCI Capital Office & Sajjad Sarwar former Vice President at the occasion of a visit of Capital Office of FPCCI at Islamabad.

She further said that the various technological innovations were being used in trade at that time, the understanding of which was necessary for women’s growth in businesses. She said that professional training of women in the e-commerce and IT sector including online business was very important to excel in modern businesses. Vice President FPCCI said that with the resumption of the global supply chain after Covid-19 Pandemic, new businesses had started and it was important to make women aware of this. She said that at present women in Pakistan were working in small and cottage industries who had skills but the middle man paid them less by keeping high value of their skills.

She said it was important for women to be aware of e-commerce and online business so that they could register their own businesses. In that regard, she said, “We need government support so that we can train women in this regard and connect them to the international market.”

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Shehla Javed Akhtar Former Vice President FPCCI, Qaisara Sheikh Coordinator FPCCI Women Entrepreneur, Sam Ali Dada President Lahore Women Chamber.

Mirza Abdul Rehman, Chairman Co-ordination FPCCI, Capital Office,  maintained that FPCCI advocates hiring woman workforce in every industry and every sector as no economy can flourish without the active participation of women. He also noted that, despite all hurdles and impediments, women have performed exceedingly well in Pakistan historically. He said that women are 52% of Pakistan’s population and that’s why he wants women to play an active role in FPCCI. He added that women should come forward and utilize the apex chamber’s platform to promote women entrepreneurs, women empowerment and promotion of women-led businesses.

Mirza Abdul Rehman said that currently the volume of e-commerce and online business markets in the world was $7 trillion, where there were vast job opportunities for women. He said that more money could be earned from less investment in that sector, besides it was also the cause of growth in domestic foreign exchange.

He said that the government would provide internet and IT facilities to women in remote areas, which would lead to growth in the field of freelancing in the country and boost the economy of the country. He said that women in this sector could introduce domestic products through trade in the global market and increase the volume of domestic trade to take Pakistan out of the trade deficit. He said that at present women had a vital role in every sector of the country including business, and women formed 51pc of the country’s population. And the advancement of women in economic activities and business was essential for the strengthening of the national economy, he said.