ICCI calls for controlling prices of food items during Ramadan Any shortage of needy items causes price hike putting more financial burden on the common man.

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

Muhammad Shakeel Munir, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that holy month of Ramadan has started and called upon the local administration to formulate a proper prices control mechanism for food items and their easy availability in markets and commercial areas during this month to save people from any problems. He stressed that all relevant departments of the administration should take necessary measures to ensure an abundant supply of needed food items so that the people should not face any shortage during the month of fasting. He further urged that proper arrangements should be made to ensure a smooth supply system in markets and industrial areas as precautionary measures to avoid any shortage of food items.

Muhammad Shakeel Munir said that the demand for food items in Ramadan goes up as compared to normal days, however, any shortage of needy items causes price hike putting more financial burden on the common man. He emphasized that all concerned government departments including ICT Administration, should work in close coordination to save people from any unnecessary shortage of food items in Ramadan.

The ICCI President also called upon the traders to ensure easy availability of food items to the people in shops during the month of Ramadan. He further said that traders should cooperate with the ICT Administration to overcome any shortage of required items during the holy month so that the people can be saved from all kinds of troubles.

ICCI Senior Vice President Jamshed Akhtar Sheikh and Vice President Muhammad Fahim Khan said that the role of local administration is very important in making the supply system smooth and efficient during the month of Ramadan and expressed hope that the administration would play active role in this regard. They also requested the market associations to cooperate with the local administration in ensuring the smooth supply of food items during the month of Ramadan.