PM Imran Khan says he will fight till the last ball Prime Minister Imran Khan took the participants of the meeting into confidence about the foreign letter

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

Special meeting of the Federal Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan was held in Islamabad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan took the participants of the meeting into confidence about the foreign letter, he talked about at a public gathering in Islamabad, encompassing threats to his government.

According to sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he has done politics for the interest of the country instead of his personal interest, adding that the letter has deep link with no-confidence motion. Prime minister said that he will fight till the last ball and will throw out his opponents from the ground as masses are supporting him.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Imran Khan held a meeting with senior journalists in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Talking to official media, the Prime Minister took the media persons into confidence over the letter, carrying threats to his government.

The Prime Minister also apprised senior journalists about the evolving political situation in the country.

Meanwhile the details of the threatening letter Prime Minister Imran Khan waved during his speech in March 27 rally has come to light.

According to sources of a private TV channel, a meeting of the Federal Cabinet was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan. During the meeting, the members were taken into confidence on the issue of threatening letter.

Sources said that former Pakistani Ambassador to the United States Dr. Asad Majeed Khan sent a secret letter to the Foreign Office. He sent this letter after meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia.

Sources further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan informed the cabinet members about the details of the letter, adding that after sharing the contents of the letter with the cabinet the letter has been sealed under the Official Secrets Act.

On the other hand, according to the inside story of the special federal cabinet meeting, the secret letter was shown to the cabinet members on the teleprompter.

The Prime Minister has also decided to summon an in-camera meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) to review the letter he claims he has in which Pakistan was threatened by a foreign country.

According to sources, PM Imran Khan during a meeting with senior journalists shared details about the contents of the secret letter.

According to the content of the letter, the no-confidence motion is aimed at removing the Prime Minister. PM Imran Khan’s foreign policy is independent and the independent foreign policy is not being liked. The letter also mentioned that the situation would become more difficult in the coming days if the no-confidence motion is not succeeded.

The content of the letter also stated that if the no-confidence motion successful then the relations with the state of Pakistan can be improved.

According to a senior anchorperson of a private TV channel, Prime Minister Imran Khan could not link Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif or opposition with the threatening letter. The anchorperson said, PM Imran Khan did not disclose the name of the country, from where threatening letter came.