Appointment of new army chief would be in November, says Imran Khan Prime Minister said that political instability was spreading in Pakistan under a well-conceived conspiracy.

Imran Khan urges youth to guard themselves against corrupt elements

Appointment of new army chief would be in November, says Imran Khan


Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Friday has said that there is speculation that a new army chief will be appointed in April and  the appointment will take place in November.

During a meeting with senior journalists, the Prime Minister said that political instability was spreading in Pakistan under a well-conceived conspiracy.

The no-confidence motion is a legal and political issue. The loyalities shall not be sold and is, by no means, acceptable.

The premier added that he has good relations with Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The appointment of new Army Chief is scheduled to take place in November.

Imran Khan went on to say that no information on no-confidence motion will be understood even at the end of the time. The number of the people who come to attend the session will be only get identified on its day. The government is in contact with the coalition parties. All the cards will come under light on that day.

He said that the number game will be continued till the last over. We are fully prepared for the election, whether it happens earlier or gets delayed. We are prepared for the results of the no-confidence motion.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said on Friday that three rats wanted to hunt him down but he will defeat them as they want Imran Khan to give them NRO somehow but “I will not give them NRO like General (R) Musharraf.”

Addressing a public gathering in Mansehra on Friday, he thanked the people for the warm welcome and paid tribute to the wonderful rally.

The Prime Minister also urged the youth to guard themselves against the corrupt elements who are busy in bids in Islamabad to buy the conscience of the elected representatives, adding that these corrupt elements cannot buy sincere leaders.

Earlier Imran Khan said the aim of opposition to bring no confidence move is only to blackmail us for NRO but it will never be given to them. He said we struggled for passage of a resolution in the United Nations to observe 15 March every year as a day against Islamophobia.

Imran Khan said the UN has decided that no one will be allowed to hurt the feelings of Muslims in the name of freedom of expression. The premier said Pakistan will certainly flourish by following the teachings of Holy Prophet (SAW) and maintaining justice, equality and rule of law in society.

He said on the “coffin” of three stooges’ politics, the people would build a New Pakistan with reformed systems transforming the country into a great nation.

“Come out for sake of youth, your children and next generations. Come out to tell the three stooges that the whole nation stood by truth,” he told the charged gathering holding flags of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

He said the sole objective of opposition’s no-confidence motion was just to seek the withdrawal of the corruption cases against their corrupt leaders but, they would bite the dust. It will be the biggest treason if he pardoned them, he added.

PM Imran went on to say that his government provided health cards of Rs 1 million to each family and under health insurance one can get treatment from any hospital. He said PTI government has given Rs 14,000 to 20 million families and 30 percent subsidy on ghee, flour and sugar to 20 million families, while Rs 2 million interest free loans were also being given to 2 million families to build houses.

The prime minister said an illicit trade of loyalties was going on in Islamabad where the parliamentarians were being offered Rs 200-250 million each to buy their loyalties in support of the no-confidence motion.