Govt should settle matters with coalition partners in whichever way: Sheikh Rashid Says one who has five members is saying make me chief minister but this could not happen

Govt should settle matters with coalition partners in whichever way: Sheikh Rashid

Says one who has five members is saying make me chief minister but this could not happen

Says tabling no-confidence is democratic right of opposition they should bring it, lose it & go back home


Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that politics is a merciless thing, adding that the government should settle the matters with the coalition partners in whichever way but there should not be selling and buying as it is a very bad thing.

In an interview with a private TV channel, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that there is no threat of collision between government and opposition, adding that there is no permission of civil militia and you bring Ansarul Islam and start exercise, adding that this is Islamabad and no banana state, we will not permit this. Sheikh Rashid said that we have shown lenience due to Maulana Fazlur Rehman; otherwise we will lodge terrorism cases against them as they have been banned. He said that two or three days prior to the no-confidence motion we will deploy FC and rangers’ at Parliament House, Parliament Lodges and old MNA houses, adding that we should not go towards clash and rather we should resolve the matters amicably, adding that tabling no-confidence is the democratic right of the opposition they should bring it lose and go back home and should continue working on old salary.

Sheikh Rashid said opposition should also hold gathering we will provide them place, adding that the votes will be cast by members and 12 members of opposition will decrease. He said that members who got themselves sold whether they are in government or opposition should be condemned as they will be threat to the democracy.

He said that many days left we will decrease the bitterness between the government and opposition. He said that light music will continue between opposition and government. He said that after seven days of summoning the National Assembly session the voting will be held, adding that I have established command and control office and I will provide good news stories for seven days. Replying a question regarding withdrawing the no-confidence motion, Sheikh Rashid said that in Pakistan everything is possible, adding that the opposition should make assessment and withdraw the no-confidence motion, what is problem in this. He said that one year is left in holding of new elections and it may be possible that they would have to wait for 10 years for selection, adding that wisdom should be shown by both government and opposition and we should avoid confrontation, adding that in the current circumstances the confrontation is not acceptable for anyone.

Sheikh Rashid said that he knew MQM from his childhood, adding that MQM will stand with Imran Khan, adding that the one who has five members is saying make me chief minister but this could not happen. Sheikh Rashid said that we have to deal with the no-confidence motion with deep thinking then we will see what happens in the province. Sheikh Rashid said that till today Jehangir Khan Tareen and Abdul Aleem Khan have said nothing against Imran Khan and it means there is room. Sheikh Rashid said PTI is not his party but he is with Imran Khan, adding that PTI should hold discussion with Jehangir Tareen and Abdul Aleem Khan and there is no problem in it. He said that the decision about the change of chief minister Punjab will be made by PM Imran Khan.

Meanwhile Sheikh Rashid on Saturday said political stakeholders should move towards reconciliation as there is only “a year left to the next elections”. “Even today I believe that we should cool down and move towards reconciliation,” the minister said while talking to the media in Quetta.

“There is a year left to the next elections, it is better to wait with Imran Khan. Otherwise, the opposition will stay in line for another 10 years and keep talking about the ‘selection’.”

The interior minister also said that he had received a complaint from JUI-F General Secretary Maulana Ghafoor Haideri regarding Prime Minister Imran Khan’s verbal jibes against the joint opposition.

Reiterating his earlier statement, the interior minister said the security of the Parliament Lodges, along with the main Parliament building, will be handed over to the Frontier Corps and Punjab Rangers seven days prior to the non-confidence vote in the National Assembly.

“No one, including Ansarul Islam, Baitul-Salam and any other private militia, will be allowed inside the lodges,” the minister stressed.