No tolerance for culprits of recent incident. President Islami University IIUI has international stature, it is the place of renowned scholars, intellectuals and researchers


ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

H.E. Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi, President, International Islamic University (IIU) Tuesday chaired a high level meeting in which he has said university will show no tolerance to the culprits of the recent violent incident, while he has directed the Students Discipline Committee to expedite the proceedings and bring the criminals to the task as soon as possible.

The meeting was also attended by the Vice Presidents, Deans, DGs, Executive Directors, relevant Directors, Provosts and Students Advisors.

The IIUI President said that no stone should be left unturned for the honest and speedy concluding of the case. He said the management would not hesitate to take any action against the elements that are on the agenda to defame the image of IIUI. He directed the concerned officials to hand over the evidences, record and relevant information to Students Discipline Committee so that it may punish the miscreants. “IIUI has international stature, it is the place of renowned scholars, intellectuals and researchers, we shall make an example of those who have been trying to de-track the university’s progressing journey” Dr. Hathal said.

Meanwhile, Students Discipline Committee met here at the new campus on Tuesday in which it reviewed the available record and information provided. The committee reiterated the resolve it will complete all its procedures and results within minimum time.

In addition, a notification has also been issued with a mention of the decision of the university’s Board of Governors (BoG) in which it was decided that all students’ organizations were banned and students were advised to observe university’s code of conduct. It said that violators should be proceeded under the disciplinary rules.