Student play their part in working organization as well as for country. Dr. Iftikhar

Dera Ismail Khan ( Web News )

The Vice Chancellor Gomal University, Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad urged the students to show courage in the face of adversity as it will help them to bring changes in their life and the other people related to them.

“The most successful people in the world are the ones who haven’t settled for average and have triumphed their way through the adversities of personal and professional life,” Dr. Iftikhar said.

While addressing the passing out students of Department of English Language and Literature at Gomal University, He said that literature reveals that people are most inspired by the role models who have experienced difficulty and never, ever give up.

Vice Chancellor concluded with an advice for the students to show dedication, harbour good intentions and be committed to play their due affirmative part in the development and prosperity of their working organizations and country.

Head of the English Department Mr. Ehsan Ullah Danish and other teachers were present on this occasion, who thanked Vice Chancellor for his keen interest in the academic uplift affairs.