A Gold Mine for Investors- Ravi City Catches the Saudi Attention

A Gold Mine for Investors- Ravi City Catches the Saudi Attention

LAHORE ( Web News )

Ravi city will be the world’s biggest environment friendly riverfront city. Commercial construction in CBD will be a gold mine for investors. Construction work in Sapphire Bay will be initiated in coming days. These were the thoughts of CEO RUDA Mr. Imran Ameen while he briefed a delegation from a Saudi Arabian investment company in the presence of Mr. Gohar Ejaz, member of APTMA.

According to the details, Mr. Khalid Abdul-Aziz Al Mogbel, Chairman of SARH ATTAQNIA CO., a Ravi City Investment Company, met Ravi Urban Development Authority leadership here at RUDA Headquarters on Tuesday along with the member of APTMA, Mr. Gohar Ejaz where RUDA leadership thoroughly briefed the delegation on the first phase of Ravi City – Sapphire Bay and its construction plans.

Executive Director Commercial – RUDA, Mr. Kashif Qureshi initiated the briefing and said that Sapphire Bay, a 2000 acres big project with barrages and lakes, will be the inception of an environment friendly era. He further added that various zones like Knowledge City, Medical City, and Industrial Zone etc. will present attractive investment opportunities to investors.

Mr. Bilal Ahmed, Executive Director Engineering RUDA, continued the briefing and informed the delegation about Zone-2 and Zone-3 of Ravi City project saying these zones will be model constructions of modern era.

Mr. Gohar Ejaz, told the Chairman of Saudi Arabian Company that Saudi Arabia is our brother country that supported us through thick and thin. He added that the partnership between RUDA and Saudi Arabian Investment Company will be historic that will change the future of the region.

Moreover, CBD leadership also thoroughly briefed the Saudi delegation. In the end, CEO RUDA, Mr. Imran Ameen presented the Chairman of Arab investment company with shield and gifts. He also thanked member of APTMA, Mr. Gohar Ejaz for accompanying the delegation.