Likee Launches First Ever Gamer Team Battle on A Short Video Platform

Likee Launches First Ever Gamer Team Battle on A Short Video Platform

KARACHI ( Web News )

Likee, one of Pakistan leading short-video sharing platforms, has taken another game changing step to promote respective talent and passion amongst youth in the field. The app has launched a 4-week Gamer Team battle which is the first of its kind featuring top-tier games like Free Fire, PUBG and Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The competition aims to shine the spotlight on gaming enthusiasts who form a significant chunk of the younger lot in Pakistan, enabling them to showcase their talents to the world in a more positive way.

With an estimated 2.7 billion gamers worldwide and a substantial chunk in Pakistan, the industry is one of the fastest growing due to the zeal that it inspires within the younger generation today. According to a survey, three of the most watched and played games in Pakistan are GTA, Free Fire and PUBG. Likee’s Gamer Team Battle is broken into four stages with each running a lapse of one week. With three game teamups and 4 rounds each with different task requirements, the competition awarded cash prizes and the latest consoles as well as gadgets to participating players. With top opinion leaders from each gaming category including RKG Gamers, PRG Gamers and Dr. Pikachu supervising the teams, the competition is going all-out to encourage gamers in realizing their full potential and building the digital gaming industry in the process.

Commenting on the development, Likee Representative, stated; “Gaming is one of the avenues that provides our youth with an entertaining avenue to rid themselves of some of the stresses of daily life. Likee aims to add further incentive to a rapidly cultivating and diversifying industry by providing lucrative resources for the community. At the same time, we are also focusing on allowing content creators to uplift their content by training them in various ways to put out videos that the audience can appreciate. Together with our users and content creators, we aim to build a more thriving gaming community on our platform.  This Gamer Team Battle is another initiative by us to facilitate these objectives whereby players have the chance to win cash prizes and the latest gaming equipment for a more exciting experience.”

The Likee event features 16 teams of 5-6 players each promoting their content on the short-video sharing app for audiences to enjoy.