VMware Charts Course for Customers to Seize Opportunity at the Edge

VMware Charts Course for Customers to Seize Opportunity at the Edge

VMware Edge Portfolio will enable organizations in Pakistan to run, manage and better secure apps across multiple cloud environments

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Organizations are distributing workloads across multiple clouds while simultaneously extending out to the edge – pushing apps and services closer to where people, data and things connect to the networked digital world. At VMworld 2021, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) outlined how it is helping customers make sense of a more complex, multi-cloud environment and unveiled its vision for how it will help customers navigate the shift to the edge. It also introduced VMware Edge, a product portfolio that will enable organizations to run, manage, and better secure edge-native apps across multiple clouds, anywhere.

“A new type of workload is emerging – edge-native apps – that must run at the edge to perform as intended. AR/VR, connected vehicles, and immersive gaming are becoming mainstream. 5G has made the use of collaborative robots, drone fleets and digital twins a reality,” said Sanjay Uppal, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider and Edge, VMware. “VMware delivers a trusted foundation – a multi-cloud edge – to help organizations move forward in the new edge reality.”

The Edge Defined

VMware defines the edge as distributed digital infrastructure for running workloads across a multitude of locations, placed close to users and devices producing and consuming data. Where a workload is placed at the edge is key to meeting the requirements of edge-native apps.

  • An edge-native workload placed anywhere between the cloud and the remote customer location and delivered as a service is called the near edge.
  • An edge-native workload placed at a remote customer location at the closest proximity to the endpoints is called the far edge.

Edge-native apps require a multi-cloud edge, one that stitches together underlay services running on a service provider network (e.g., private connectivity, carrier 5G, network slicing) with overlay services delivered on top (e.g., SASE) and a compute service abstraction for the edge applications. These are all orchestrated by a management plane that provides consistent observability, installation, configuration, operations and management across all edge locations.

Introducing VMware Edge

VMware Edge brings together products from across VMware that will enable organizations to run, manage and better secure edge-native apps across multiple clouds at both near edge and far edge locations. VMware Edge solutions are purposefully designed for edge-native apps and their unique performance and latency requirements.

VMware Edge solutions include:

  • VMware Edge Compute Stack, a purpose-built, integrated VM and container-based stack that will enable organizations to modernize and secure edge-native apps at the far edge. VMware Edge Compute Stack will be available in Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise editions.
  • VMware SASE combines SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-delivered security functions, including cloud web security, Zero Trust network access, and firewalling. These capabilities are delivered as-a-service across both the near and far edge locations from a global network of points of presence (PoPs).
  • VMware Telco Cloud Platform has been delivering near edge solutions to the largest communication service providers in the world from their 4G/5G core all the way to the radio access network (RAN). By helping service providers modernize their network underlay, VMware enables them to deliver overlay edge services to their consumer and enterprise customers.

“Many transformational technologies – 5G, SASE and open RAN, among others – are converging at the edge. Now is the time for organizations to establish a digital foundation for their edge infrastructure. With its leadership in multi-cloud and modern apps, VMware is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive set of solutions that help its customers drive business continuity, agility and create competitive differentiation at the edge,” said Dave McCarthy, IDC Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services.

Building a Broad Edge Ecosystem

VMware has key partnerships across the broad edge ecosystem to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions to customers.

VMware Edge Compute Stack is integrated with the ruggedized Dell EMC VxRail D Series that is optimized for edge deployments. As the only HCI system co-engineered with VMware, Dell EMC VxRail provides an efficient and agile IT infrastructure that enables automated operations capable of stretching from data centers to cloud and edge environments.

VMware Edge Compute Stack will be able to run on top of Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Servers. The integrated solution, previously announced by Lenovo, is ideal for remote sites that need to be able to process data closer to its creation and closer to users, including retail stores, manufacturing sites, and schools, to name a few.

From an operational technology (OT) standpoint, SmartHub.ai is focused on defining a software-defined IoT edge to help enterprises discover, onboard and manage IoT assets – from IoT devices to IoT applications. Its platform also helps integrate all data sources from the edge to enable decisions and actions based on edge-ML/AI models. The platform will integrate with VMware Edge to help provide a consistent and comprehensive view of near and far edge locations.