PepsiCo further incentivizes plastic waste recycling

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

PepsiCo Pakistan joined hands with the Islamabad Administration, ‘Saaf Suthra Shehar’, and Haidri Beverages Limited to incentivize plastic waste segregation and collection at source for the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The program launch was announced during a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between PepsiCo, Saaf Suthra Shehar, and PepsiCo’s bottling partner Haidri Beverages (Pvt.) Limited (HBL). PepsiCo and Haidri Beverages Limited have announced free monthly bulk water refills for those customers who segregate and hand over at least 10 used plastic bottles of any brand, shape, or size. The used bottles will be collected and sent to a recycling facility by Saaf Suthra Shehar.

This initiative was launched under Recycle for Tomorrow’ – PepsiCo’s plastic waste collection and recycling platform. PepsiCo has launched several initiatives under this platform. ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ commenced in January 2021 with PepsiCo’s commitment to collect and recycle 4,750 tons of plastic waste. PepsiCo more than doubled this target to 10,250 tons only six months later. The company also launched Pakistan’s first reverse vending machine to raise awareness about plastic waste collection and recycling amongst consumers. Programs launched under ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ aim to drive plastic circularity ensuring plastic doesn’t become waste.

During the MoU signing ceremony, Director Public Policy and Government Affairs PepsiCo Pakistan, Mr. Hatim Khan shared his views, ‘‘We recognize the important role that we can play in driving a circular economy for plastics. Bringing innovative solutions like ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ can raise awareness about the importance of waste segregation at source”.

While congratulating the PepsiCo team for its new plastics recycling initiative, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Mr. Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat commented, “This is a great recycling solution for the citizens of Islamabad.  I would strongly encourage everyone to take part in this initiative and help us in making our city clean and green.”

Haidri Beverages Limited, a bottling partner of PepsiCo in Islamabad, highlights the significant role communities can play in driving plastic waste reduction. Speaking at the occasion, Chief Operating Officer Haidri Beverages Limited Mr. Ali Navaiz stated, “The unrelenting growth in plastic waste affects Pakistan’s environment. It is imperative that we address this problem as responsible corporate citizens. Through this partnership we are incentivizing customers to move their empty plastic bottles back into the system so they can be reused. We encourage everyone to participate to support this important national agenda”.

Saaf Suthra Shehar will provide the operational infrastructure to support the program. The company will collect all recyclable waste and guarantee its recycling, ensuring it doesn’t go to a landfill. Co-Founder Saaf Suthra Sheher Pvt Ltd. Ms. Mehrunisa Malik commented, “Pappu Recycles of Saaf Suthra Sheher is excited to partner with PepsiCo’s ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ to incentivize plastic recycling for the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Together, we are aiming to encourage people to recycle daily and be more conscious of their waste.  We will ensure that every bottle we receive is recycled in a socially and environmentally friendly way.”