The Rangers and the cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency arrested accused Mohammad Asif from the city’s Orangi Town for his involvement in bank heists with the help of Internet.

“The accused was hacking bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards,” a spokesperson of Sindh Rangers said. The agencies have also recovered the computer system under his use.

“The suspect during questioning disclosed that he has been an expert in the information technology and have expertise in hacking bank accounts and credit cards of different countries,” according to the statement.

The accused had started buying date from various call centres. He was purchasing the data of bank accounts in a price between 2,000 to 5,000 rupees, spokesperson said.

Highlighting the modus operandi of the accused, rangers stated that he used to telephone from his call centre to customers that his/her account was hacked. Misguiding the customer the accused used to convince his victim to generate one time password (OTP), rangers spokesperson said.

“After getting that OTP from the bank customer he used to draw money from the bank,” according to the statement.

“Accused Asif was involved in crimes since 2012 and has fleeced hundreds of thousand rupees from his victims,” Rangers spokesperson said.

“The accused has also visited Malaysia for several times between year 2014 to 2016”. “He has been handed over to police for legal proceedings,” according to the statement.